ADT Business Solutions

ADT Business Solutions provides custom business security installation and monitoring to a wide range of industries, with well defined plans of commercial security that are best suited for each. Amongst the most common types of businesses that have found ADT to be the best choice for business security systems are:

  • Home Offices
  • Industrial Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • General Business Offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Retail Operations
  • Warehouses

By offering a multitude of security related products and services, ADT Business Solutions can customize the right type of commercial security system that is perfect for each business. Scalable security systems can be put into place that can secure a business as small as a 500 square foot office, all the up to manufacturing and industrial complexes, and office skyscrapers. No business is too large or too small when it comes to what ADT can provide. Listed below are some of the business security solutions that are offered through ADT:

ADT Select Solutions

Select Solutions has five different products/services that are ideal in protecting various types of facilities through a remote connection on the internet. The choices are:

  1. Select DataSource – Provides time and date stamps for access to security systems via the internet on a secured password protected connection.
  2. Select Entry – Manages single or multiple facility entry and access points via secured internet connection with tiered administrative levels of control.
  3. Select Link – Provides scheduled news reports or emergency alerts to telephone landlines, cell phones, fax machines, email, pagers, or PDAs.
  4. Select Managed Access – Allows managed access to protected points of entry within a facility through a secured connection via the internet.
  5. Select View – A full suite of managed surveillance video services monitored 24 hours per day through a customer monitoring center.


Advanced Integration

ADT offers large-scale security integration solutions with the latest technologies that cover everything from inner parameter intrusion detection and access control, to security video surveillance and outer parameter detection and control systems. Security planning starts with security system consultation for coordination of project management, and moves into system installation for integration of computer-based operations and video surveillance systems. System training and ongoing maintenance and service are provided to ensure a security solution that is both cost-efficient and highly effective.


Electronic Access Control

Access Control

Modern access control systems have progressed far beyond the simple unlocking and locking of doors. ADT Access Control Systems can determine which people have access to defined points of entry and exit, and can track and record each event. By using access control cards and readers, businesses gain the flexibility of remote administration to all points of entry without the expensive need to re-key the doors whenever there are personnel changes. Access security can be limited to only a single location or across multiple facilities covering a wide geographic area.


Intrusion Detection

ADT Intrusion Detection systems are designed to not only protect your company from property loss, but also as critical protection to your employees in the event that there is ever a robbery. Rapid response monitoring allows immediate deployment of police under conditions where there is a hold-up and the silent alarm panic button is pressed. All points of entry are monitored 24 hours a day through highly sensitive motion detectors and sensors, and even when the building is empty, the intrusion monitoring continues from the customer monitoring center. The security system can also detect critical conditions such as elevated temperatures in the event of a fire, so that fire personnel can be deployed as rapidly as possible in order to minimize property loss and risk to human safety.


ADT Business Solutions also has Anti-Skim ATM Security Solutions for banking, as well as RFID and Electronic Article Surveillance for retail operations. Regardless of the type of company you operate, ADT offers turn-key business security systems that can provide alarm monitoring services and video surveillance through their customer monitoring centers, or direct integration into your own security department that can be monitored in-house. Whatever your company requires in terms of custom security solutions, ADT can provide the answer to your needs.

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